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Production Line
In our organization, we have several production lines that include:

  • Plain Chocolate

  • Coated Chocolate

  • Spread Chocolate

  • Children Chocolate

  • Coverture Chocolate

However, the main issue is that the production line is supplied by leading manufacturers as follows:

- Danish production lines for coated chocolate.
- Local production line for plain and filled chocolate.
- American production line for chocolate filled with creams and liquids.
- Local production line for spread chocolate.
- Automatic wrapping machines.
- German Production lines for chocolate fillings (One type).
- French production line for chocolate fillings (Two types).
- Production lines for chocolates crushing.

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Design & Packaging

It is a fact that the taste is the factor that makes the customer differentiate your products from other competitors' products, but it is also an important role that the client will be attracted to your products by the attractive packaging, colors and design of your packaging. Therefore we have taken the initiative to have an in-house creative department that would implement our strategy to provide the client with an attractive packaging.
Our creative department has achieved our strategy and has enabled us to continually develop our products' image.

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Our services stretch our capabilities in providing the client with our feedback and expertise in this area in identifying the right products for the right market, identifying the target market that will meet his budget by offering competitive prices, divers range of products and a vast knowledge of expertise.

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Quality Oriented

Our services are not only price oriented but we are also quality oriented, and we are continually developing our capabilities to meet different market segments in quality and price. Our production includes high quality chocolate to simple chocolate that is for local market and price sensitive markets, taking in to consideration that all our products are of good quality and are maintained through a quality controlled department prior to market release.

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Our Facilities

In order to complete in a global market, we have been extremely careful in providing adequate facilities to meet our current production and future production in a carefully planned objective and goals for our products, and careful selection for the supply of our raw materials from leading suppliers, and state of the technical machinery for the production line.

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